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Application Of Lozol Pill

Lozol belongs to group of drugs which are known as a diuretic. Usually Lozol is used for a treatment of high blood pressure (hypertonia).

A high blood pressure forms an additional strain for a heart and arteries. In case such strain will exist for a long time a heart and arteries are not able to function in a proper way. The result of this situation can be a damage of brain circular system, heart and kidneys bloody vessels. After it a heart failure or kidney failure can appear. Also, high blood pressure increases the risk of heart attacks. All these problems will not be so dangerous if you blood pressure is under the control.

Lozol medication helps to decrease a water amount into an organism and to increase an urine flow.

An important information before you will buy Lozol online

The decision towards your perception of Lozol pill has to do only your attending physician, concerning the following:

  • Allergic reactions

Physician should know whether you had any unusual or allergic reactions at this drug, the same is any other. Also you must inform doctor about another type of allergy if you have it, such as food allergy, stain, animal, preservatives allergy, so on. Buying Lozol pill no prescription read the packaging and the list of ingredients carefully.

  • Child’s reaction

Lozol influence was investigated only for adults. There is no information or comparisons in indiapamid using by children and other aged groups.

  • Geriatric

Usually old people in comparison with the young ones are more sensitive at Lozol influence. It’s possible for old people to feel giddiness or faintness because of loss of a large volume of potassium.

Other health problems

You have to inform your attending physician if you have these below medical problems:

  • Diabetes mellitus,
  • Gout (indapamide can make worse your health condition)
  • Kidney disease (they can interfere indapamide medication)
  • Diseases of the liver (increasing likelihood of side effects).

Alcohol or smoking can cause some interaction while taking the drug. Discuss such possibility with your doctor.

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Things Necessary To Remember While Lozol Using

Lozol may cause unusual feeling of tiredness. Also increasing of the frequency of urination is possible. Sometime later, after finishing Lozol receiving these effects will diminish.

To prevent the strong diuretic effect during sleeping, it’s better to fulfill the following recommendations:

  • If you have only one dosage per a day, percept it after your breakfast the every morning;
  • If you have more than one dosage per a day, percept the last one no late than 6 hours before sleeping, if another doesn’t conduct by your physician.

It’s recommended to make your own schedule taking in account your dream and your own business to have a good time to use Lozol pill. Ask your medical adviser to help to do it. To have an effective result, use Lozol every day the same time.

Important Things To Remember

  • Additionally to using medicine for high blood pressure the change of your diet may be necessary.
  • If drug using is going well, any way you need to have periodical consultations with your prescribing physician.
  • The medicine will not take away a high blood pressure, it only helps to control it.

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When You Needn’t To Use lozol

Lozol has some contraindications, among which there are:

  • anuria,
  • known hypersensitivity to indapamide or other derivative drugs.

It’s necessary to use lozol carefully in case of:

  • hyponatremia (risk increases if the patient receives a dose of 2.5-5 mg per a day)
  • hypokalemia (increasing of risk occurs at high doses – in 5 mg daily, also that patients who have kidney or liver deceases).

Do not use lozol with lithium salt.

Dermatological reactions that may occur:

  • rash, it usually goes away within two weeks after treatment stopping. In several cases, a rash can be accompanied by fever.

Also such symptoms as dry mouth, weakness, thirst, lethargy, fatigue, drowsiness, muscle aches and cramps, anxiety, muscle fatigue, hypotension, arrhythmia may occur. Patients with hypertension should avoid lozol usage or percept it especially carefully.

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